Graphic Novels

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Roman Rescue
Egyptian Escape

Charlie and his dog, Bandit accidentally fall into a 'sinkhole' that transports them back to ancient Rome where their adventures begin.

What could be more incredible than travelling through time? Doing it twice! Join Charlie and Bandit as they go back to ancient Egypt in 1906. The sequel to A Roman Rescue 

Graphic Novels – Written by K.A. Gerrard, Illustrated by Emma Dodd

When Charlie and his dog, Bandit, fall down a sinkhole in their back garden, they’re transported back in time! Join Charlie as he searches for Bandit and a way home, making new friends and jam packed adventures along the way. Also included, Charlie’s notebook, packed with interesting historical facts

A Roman Rescue was long-listed for the Surrey Libraries Children's Book Award 2012.

"Vibrant, bright and eye-catching." Cloverhill book reviews